Best Green Roof Stories?


Green roofs provide many environmental and architectural benefits. As a Strategic Storyteller undertaking public relations, I have written more than 30 articles about green roofs on behalf of various clients. Here are four of my favorite case studies:

First Unitarian Meeting House – When the congregation in Madison, Wisconsin planned an addition to their historic church, the challenge was to maintain the integrity of the original Frank Lloyd Wright design. The size of the addition also worsened the site’s stormwater problems. The spectacular LiveRoof project solved the runoff problem and naturally harmonized the new structure with the original building. That made for a terrific story.

Findlay Teller Apartments  This Xero Flor green roof in the Bronx does not look especially impressive. What makes this a special story? It shows that green space is for everyone — including low-income seniors who live in rent-subsidized apartments.

McKinley High School  When developing case studiesdetailed budget information and good data on results can be hard to come by. For this Vegetal i.D. green roof story, we had both.

West Michigan Symphony  A wonderful example of a green roof enhancing the renovation of a historic building. I wrote this article for one of my clients, Porous Pave. The story showcases a unique rooftop application of their permeable paving product.

A good story told well can publicize your company and promote your products. What’s your story? Let’s talk about it…

Jean Kindem