Favorite Stories of the Year

Tranquility Garden: Porous Pave Permeable Walkway

Tranquility Garden: Porous Pave Permeable Walkway

When the pages of the calendar turn to December, I pick my favorite client stories of the year. My favorites are the stories that shine the spotlight on the features and benefits of my clients’ products… stories that illuminate how their products solve important problems… stories that showcase outstanding applications.

I’ve picked two to share with you this year…

I wrote “Tranquility Garden Offers Outdoor Respite for Elderly Catholic Sisters” for my client, Porous Pave. The article in Landscape Architect & Specifier News describes the design and construction of a special garden for retired nuns living with memory loss.

The landscape architect and the contractor created a beautiful, sensory-rich and safe garden courtyard for Sisters of Mercy residing or recovering at their order’s retirement community.

Porous Pave permeable pavement solved the site’s storm water runoff problems. The recycled rubber in the eco-friendly material makes the circular walkway non-slip and easy to navigate in walkers or wheelchairs.

LiveWall Green Wall at Whole Foods Store

LiveWall Green Wall at Whole Foods Store

“New Green Wall in Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood Features 4,700 Square-Foot Project and Uses Harvested Rainwater” is the story of the selection and installation of my client’s green wall system for a Whole Foods flagship store.

The article in Living Architecture Monitor explains how the LiveWall system transformed an exterior wall into a vertical garden that greens up the urban streetscape. The article highlights the functions and value of the system’s structural components and horticultural features.

If you have a product to market, or a cause to promote, you have stories to tell.

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